Initiative Endorsements 2020


Proposition 19 – Property Tax Breaks. Prop 19 has the potential to raise tens of millions in revenue for local governments, which is critical now given the current recession and reduction in local public safety budgets across the state.


Proposition 20 – Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act. Prop 20 fixes the most insidious impacts of Prop 47 and Prop 57 by targeting repeat offenders of theft, allowing DNA collection of those convicted of specified crimes, and adding the most serious offenses to the list of those ineligible for early release under Prop 57. This is CPCA’s top priority among all ballot initiatives.


Proposition 22 – Protect App-Based Drivers and Services. Prop 22 ensures the ride-share companies continue to operate at current levels across the state, which is directly tied to reductions in DUI and other safety benefits. Prop 22 also enhances internal safety measures with each ride-share company by improving background checks on drivers, requiring additional safety training, and more.



Proposition 21 – Expands Local Government’s Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Prop 21 is a special interest measure to increase rent control measures across the state. Although CPCA does support efforts in increase available housing for homeless, Prop 21 proposes policies that will have negative impacts to local government budgets and potential reduce available housing.



Proposition 25 – Referendum on Law That Replaced Money Bail with System Based on Public Safety and Flight Risk. Prop 25 is a referendum on Senate Bill 10, which replaced our existing money bail system with one based on risk-assessments. CPCA worked with CDAA and other law enforcement groups to defeat the original version of this legislation and force the compromise language contained in SB 10. Due to our involvement in the underlying legislation, CPCA has not taken a position on the referendum.