Membership in Cal Chiefs is limited to municipal police chiefs only and their sworn command staff, as well as California Police Chiefs and seconds in command in good standing who have retired. Dues are calculated based on to the total number of full time department personnel. The dues schedule for 2019/20 is below.

Total Personnel
(Sworn & Nonsworn)
Dues Amount
1 – 25   $348.00
26 – 50   $440.00
51 – 75   $695.00
76 – 100   $1621.00
101 – 150   $1852.00
151 – 200   $2084.00
Over 200   $2315.00
Associate   $145.00
Retired Chief/Associate   $50.00


Associate Membership

Associate membership may be granted to individuals based upon the following criteria:

  1. An Associate member must be a sworn municipal police officer meeting all the qualifications of applicable California statutes and POST criteria.
  2. The Chief of Police or Director of Public Safety must nominate the Associate and the Chief, or Director of Public Safety, must be a member in good standing in the Association. The Associate member must hold a rank that is considered at management or command staff level, unless the agency’s second in command is a sergeant, and then the sergeant would be eligible to join.

Retired Membership

  1. Retired members shall include those members who, by reason of years of service or medical condition, have honorably retired as peace officers and were an active or associate member of the Association.

Additional Information

If you have questions or concerns you would like answered prior to submitting your application, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

California Police Chiefs Association
PO Box 255745
Sacramento, Ca 95865-5745
Attn: Shannon  Mahoney
Voice: 916/481-8000
Fax: 916/481-8008
Email: [email protected]