Joe Molloy Award


~ Dedicated to Law Enforcement Excellence ~ “There is no problem that is so insurmountable that we can not sit down and talk about it. The problem is having preconceived ideas that people are wrong and your mind is made up. Sit down with your employees and have dialogue. Personally and philosophically you may not agree with them, but the way they present their facts may make sense. You can’t always have it your way. No matter what position you are in, you have to be able to compromise.” “This department needs dynamic supervisors who are motivated and have an abundance of enthusiasm. My career is slowly coming to an end. When I go out, I’m going out with the same enthusiasm as I had when I came in. I feel good about this job; I have had a marvelous career. I’ve met fabulous people who have become life-long friends; it’s been thirty years of absolute fun. If I had it to do it over again, I probably would not change a thing.”


A dear colleague, contributor and friend to law enforcement died unexpectedly while in his office at the Anaheim Police Department on July 27, 1993. The passing of Chief Joseph Thomas Molloy, “Joe” to those who knew him, left an undeniable void in the lives of many, especially his family and fellow Police Chiefs who loved him, worked with him, admired and respected him. Joe was the 1st Vice President of the California Police Chiefs Association at the time of his untimely passing. At the Executive Board Meeting immediately following his death, it was the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors to create the annual “Joseph T. Molloy Award” in honor of Joe and in recognition of professionalism and dedication among our ranks. A Policy Statement was adopted and the first “Joseph T. Molloy Award” was presented at the Association’s annual conference in Monterey in February 1994. In the August, 1993 edition of the Association’s Newsletter, Mr. Rodney Pierini, the Executive Director of CPCA at that time, wrote a cover page article on the loss of Joe and included a special poem dedicated to his memory:

"Dear Lord, be with me on my beat,
This day and every day.
Grant that each weary block I walk,
May ease a brother’s way.
Let me be kindly to the old,
And to the young be strong,
But let me triumph over those,
Whose acts are cruel or wrong.
And when my own last summons comes,
And I stand in Your Court,
Lord, may my rest with you be long,
My punishment be short."

Joseph Molloy began his law enforcement career as a Reserve Police Officer with the Monterey Park Police Department in 1962. He became a full time Police Officer with the Azusa Police Department in 1964, where he remained until 1977. While at Azusa, he served as a Detective, Sergeant and Lieutenant. While Joe enjoyed the challenges of supervision and leadership, he would tell you that his passion was working in the field as a narcotics investigator. He would often keep fellow chiefs mesmerized with his colorful stories as an undercover “narc.” In 1977, Joe went to the Culver City Police Department as a Captain where he commanded the Administrative, Detective and Operations Divisions. He aspired to become a Police Chief and, in 1980, became the Chief of Police for the City of Alhambra. In 1985, he was once again promoted to Alhambra’s Director of Public Safety in charge of the Police and Fire Departments. Finally, in 1988, Joe competed with police executives from across the nation and became the Chief of Police for the City of Anaheim where he served with distinction and dedication. Joe attended Pepperdine University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and was a Graduate student at California State University, Long Beach. He held numerous training certificates and awards in law enforcement including Advanced and Management Certificates from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Joe was married to Pamela and during their 28 years of marriage had four children and four grandchildren. Pam Molloy has personally participated in the presentation of the “Molloy” award at each of the annual conference installation dinners since its inception. The Policy Statement for the “Joseph T. Molloy” Award calls for the outgoing President to make the decision as to whom the recipient will be and may choose from any eligible active or retired member. The award may be given posthumously to a member of the recipient’s family. The recognition is bestowed based upon the recipient’s professionalism, leadership, energy, andcommitment to the mission of the Association. A Chief may be recognized for cumulative contributions or for work in a specific area. Generally, the award will involve a number of years of service, however this is not an absolute requirement. Since the inception of the “Joseph T. Molloy” Award, the following Chiefs have been honored with the presentation of the award:

Year Award Recipient Department Award Presenter
2020 Jackie Gomez-Whiteley - Retired Cypress PD President Lawrence
2019 Ken Corney Ventura PD President Swing
2018 Tom Chaplin Walnut Creek PD President Medrano
2017 Bob Lehner Elk Grove PD President Corney
2016 Kim Raney Covina PD President Bejarano
2015 Scott R. Seaman-Retired Los Gatos/Monte Sereno PD President Boyd
David Maggard
Susan Manheimer
Irvine PD
San Mateo PD
President Raney
President Seaman
2012 Ken James Emeryville PD President Maggard
2011 Jerry Dyer Fresno PD President Manheimer
2010 Scott C. Kirkland El Cerrito PD President Melekian
2009 Richard Bull Ripon PD President Dyer
2008 Steve Krull – Retired Livermore PD President Word
2007 Lucy Carlton – Retired Los Altos PD President Krull
2006 Robert McDonell – Retired Newport Beach PD President Brown
2005 Robert Blankenship – Retired Redding PD President Sanchez
2004 Peter Herley – Retired Tiburon PD President TerBorch
2003 Gary Brown – Retired Monterey PD President McDonell
2002 James Anthony – Retired Glendale PD President Blankenship
2001 Allen W. Sill* – Retired West Covina PD President Steckler
2001 Richard Tefank – Retired Buena Park PD President Steckler
2000 Rick TerBorch – Retired Arroyo Grande PD President Tefank
1999 Larry Todd – Retired Los Gatos PD President Herley
1998 Craig Steckler Fremont PD President Propster
1997 Sal Rosano – Retired Santa Rosa PD President Lowenberg
1996 Donald Burnett – Retired Palm Springs PD President Anthony
1995 Craig Meacham – Deceased West Covina PD President Todd
1994 Karel Swanson – Retired Walnut Creek PD President Sanderson

It is in the spirit of professional excellence that this tradition will continue for those special individuals who follow in Joe’s memory. *A Special Presentation for the founder of the California Police Chiefs Association