Executive Development Certificate

The California Police Chiefs Association is excited to offer its Chiefs and Seconds in Command an exclusive Executive Development Certificate training program option. The Executive Development Certificate program features three classes that will help shape your executive future. Upon completing the executive program courses within three years, you will receive a California Police Chiefs Association Executive Development Certificate. These courses do not have to be completed in any specific order. The executive program courses are the following:

  • Becoming a Police Chief: Developing a Mindset for Success and Service
  • Succeeding as a Police Chief: Beyond the Basics
  • Strategic and Succession Planning for Chiefs and Seconds in Command

You can view specific course information here on our Training Courses page.

Please note that although these three courses are considered a package, they must be registered for separately; we do not offer a package deal for all three courses due to the completion timeline being three years. Upon completion of these courses, you will need to request your certificate directly from Brittany Davis, Training Coordinator, at [email protected]