Critical Content Series

The Critical Content Series is a way for us to serve as a resource to our members during this challenging and difficult time. We intend to offer FREE timely training on various topics that will provide information and guidance to our members in how to best serve their agency and communities during this time of uncertainty. Agencies will be facing immediate and long-term effects resulting from this pandemic, and it is our objective to provide our members with opportune training that will aim to equip you with the information and resources you need to combat these challenges you may face. The critical content that we plan on delivering will be available virtually in either a lecture or panel format and will be brief yet informative to accommodate your demanding schedules.

CPCA is proud to bring our membership the Critical Content Series, which we launched when COVID restricted in-person learning. We want to be clear that these videos are for members only and should not be shared with the public, media, or social media.   
Our staff is working diligently to get our new CPCA Online Training library up and running, once the library is up all videos will be housed there. For now, please refrain from sharing any of the links to our videos on YouTube. We hope you have found these videos helpful and we thank you for your continued support.

Episode One: Perspectives on Maneuvering Through Budget Cuts to Staff and Services

COVID-19 has created budgetary deficits where balanced budgets and reserves once stood. Many departments have not had to face staff and service cuts like this for several years. CPCA has assembled an experienced panel to provide insights and ideas from the perspective of a chiefs and city managers that could greatly assist you in mitigating damaging long-term effects of budget cuts. 

This panel was presented live on Tuesday, May 26th from 1:30PM - 3:00PM via Zoom. 

The panelists are (please click on links for bios):
Chief Ed Medrano, Chief of the Division of Law Enforcement, California DOJ and former Gardena City Manager
Chief Jackie Gomez-Whiteley (retired), Cypress Police Department
Chief Bernard Melekian (retired), Pasadena Police Department

The panel will be moderated by Chief Thomas Chaplin of Walnut Creek Police Department.

This training has commenced but a recording is available to you in your members-only community forum. 

Episode Two: Accountability in Crisis

Katie Nelson, PIO for Mountain View Police Department, gives a compelling presentation on "How We Ensure We Have a Voice in Civic Engagement in the Digital Age". In unprecedented times, law enforcement agencies have been tasked with ensuring their communities are updated and educated on all that is going on in response to current events. How you do that online, particularly on social media, is a critical piece of working to stay transparent with your communities. Learn about ways you can amplify messaging, easily share complex information in understandable ways, and see how new ways of conveying information will play a beneficial role in your agency’s efforts.

This pre-recorded training is available to you in your members-only community forum. 

Episode Three: Executive Assistants - How to Best Support Your Chief and Department During Challenging Times

During challenging times, being an effective and efficient Executive Assistant is essential for your Chief and Department. There are ways for an Executive Assistant to support the Chief internally and externally through positive messaging and support. Through this critical content episode, Law Enforcement Executive Assistants can learn ways to best support their Chief and hear tips on ways to make the Chief’s job, and their job, easier during challenging times. 

This pre-recorded training is available to Executive Assistants in the members-only community forum. 

Episode Four: Protests and Riots: Cultural Dynamics Behind Them and Strategies to Address Them

Protests and riots throughout America are advocating for change of local law enforcement agencies.

  • What are the cultural dynamics and philosophies underneath these events?
  • Why is it difficult to discuss these issues?
  • What are the Boomer, GenX, Millennial and GenZ dynamics in this?
  • How can local law enforcement address these issues effectively, short and long-term?

This presentation will be given by Mr. Pete Bowen, an expert on high-performance leadership, organizational culture, and ethics and has been practicing and teaching leadership for more than 30 years in business, education and the military, including 20 years teaching the advanced/strategic leadership class for California law enforcement executives. You can read more about Mr. Bowen here on his website. Introducing Mr. Bowen and moderating audience questions will be Chief Eric Nunez of the Los Alamitos Police Department, who also serves as the President of CPCA.

This panel was presented live on Tuesday, June 23rd from 1:00PM - 2:00PM via Zoom. 

This training has commenced but a recording is available to you in your members-only community forum.

Episode Five: Navigating Social Chaos: Resilience Amidst a Mandate for Reform

The entire policing landscape is facing an unprecedented level of scrutiny and an environment of chaos that affects how we, as a profession, navigate mandates for substantial reform. This installment of CPCA's Critical Content Series, moderated by CPCA's Executive Development Course coordinator, will include a panel of two African American police executives, the nation's first USDOJ COPS Director, and a renowned police psychologist. Together they will contribute their unique perspectives for a timely, provocative, and informative discussion about the current morass and how we can navigate it with resilience. The discussion will include:

  • Compelling perspectives of police executive leadership against a backdrop of racial tension
  • Unique perspectives about the difficulty in navigating change in crisis--especially under social, legal, or regulatory change mandates. 
  • How to keep cops energized and focused during the chaos, vitriol, and doubt that can literally dismantle their enthusiasm.





Angela Averiett
Deputy Chief, BART PD

Joe Brann
Policing Reforms
& Accountability Expert

Daniel Hahn
Chief, Sacramento PD

Dr. Jana Price-Sharps
First Responder Psychologist
& University Professor

Darryl McAllister
Chief (Retired)
CPCA Program Coordinator

This panel was presented live on Thursday, July 2nd from 1:00PM - 3:00PM via Zoom. 

This training has commenced but a recording is available to you in your members-only community forum and retired community forum.  

Episode Six: Leading and Navigating through Turbulent Waters - Taking Care of Your Crew

This episode will feature a critical conversation with a panel of chiefs discussing strategies chiefs can use to help the members of their department safely survive living with a pandemic as well as the tremendous and constant negativity directed toward them by the public and the press. Stress, anxiety and coping with mental illness and depression, etc., are impacting those in our departments and police leaders need to know best how to help them. 

Now more than ever, law enforcement leaders are called to take care of and build up our employees. This panel presentation will provide you with some great examples of some effective strategies that you can use.


  • Dr. David Black, Cordico
  • Chief John Carli, Vacaville PD
  • Chief Paul LeBaron, Hermosa Beach PD
  • Chief Robert Thompson, Dixon PD

Moderated By:

  • Chief Neil Gang, Pinole PD

This training has commenced but a recording is available to you in your members-only community forum.